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Making the right choice in flooring for your home can seem a big decision. Not only does it depend on your own personal tastes, but you have to consider practicality. Floor also has a huge effect on a room, not only its look, but the atmosphere, the acoustics and the temperature. Not to mention that you will be living with it, so it will need to survive spills, kids, pets and time.

When choosing flooring you need to consider the traffic levels in your house, a large part of that will be your family. If you have young children then there will be more traffic, pets also make a difference.

Hardwood flooring is naturally beautiful and elegant. It feels warmer and is slightly flexible, making it softer to walk on than other hard flooring. You have a range of options when choosing hardwood flooring. Oak has been the most common flooring material for centuries, but there are dozens of suitable species of wood that all brings their own character.

All wood comes in different grades, which not only affects the price, but the appearance. These quality grades range from 'character' boards, which will have minor irregularities, to boards that are perfectly smooth and almost completely uniform.

Do not use wood flooring below ground in basements. Because of the constant humidity you will get problems with your wood floors. For the look of wood in a basement you would be better to get laminate.

Tiles and vinyl can be slippery, especially when wet, so it is always best to consider textured options, especially if there are children or anyone vulnerable to slipping.

Don't forget carpet. With all of the choices to be had in flooring, it is easy to overlook a good carpet. For sheer warmth carpet is hard to beat. Carpet really comes into its own in bedrooms. Any room which you are likely to be barefoot frequently, then carpet is the traditional choice.

Choosing the floor you want can be a big decision, but with a little forethought, it doesn't need to be a stressful experience. Plan ahead and speak to one of our Exeter flooring experts.

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