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Types of wood

When looking to use wood within the construction of your home or as part of your garden it is vital to know the type of wood you are wanting to get. There are numerous different hardwood and softwood types so there is a great selection of timber types for you to choose out of.

By using a quality Exeter timber merchant it can help to ensure you get the perfect timber for you, and they can help make your life easier with services such as cutting wood sheets in your desired size.

Depending on the wood you choose can often affect the cost dramatically, although the more you invest the better the finished result will be. The more expensive timbers are generally from trees that take a long time to grow, such as oak, so you may wish to look for a faster growing alternative if you are wishing to minimise your costs.

Our Timber Merchants for Exeter are here to help ensure that you make the perfect choice when it comes to the type of wood you use.

Timber Products

When it comes to using timber within your property or garden the possibilities are almost endless. Wood is perfect for flooring, decking and fencing, as well as being able to add a beautiful front to your property by using timber cladding.

If you were wishing to use timber for flooring outdoors, whether you want it for decking for your home or for a marine, there is the ability to provide wood which is designed for non-slip to minimise the chance of anyone getting injured, especially during or after wet weather.

The use of wood products can make your garden look truly eye-catching, including the use of garden fencing which can come in a range of different styles and wood types. A popular type of wood fencing is wicket fencing, which helps create an open area while asserting the boundaries for your home. Also another choice that is often very popular is lap fencing, which is ideal for if you want to maintain your privacy from people looking in on you.

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